FACT-CHECK: Did Ted Nugent’s Widow Donate His Heart To Save A Little Girl?

A story circulating on social media states that Ted Nugent’s widow, Janice, decided to donate her husband’s heart to a little girl, only named as “Number 4 on the Transplant list.” The story claims that the rocker’s heart wasn’t a match for the first three donors.

It would appear unlikely that a man who did enough cocaine in the 1970s and 80s to kill an elephant would be a poor match for a little girl, so we asked a medical expert if this kind of a transplant is even possible. He said, “Sure.”

We then contacted the National Transplant Society, keepers of the list, and asked if the number four slot had recently opened up. We were told that due to the number of homeless and indigent people who die of exposure this time of year, leaving perfectly frozen organs behind, that the list rotates every two to three days and that no heart had come in from Montana.

With that information, we rate that Ted Nugent’s widow refused to donate her husband’s organs to save someone else’s life.

Of course…the whole story runs on the premise that Ted Nugent is dead. While that thought delights many at the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame who are tired of reading his complaint letters, it’s not true. Poopy Pants Uncle Ted is alive and well and married to a woman whose name is not Janice.

Save your thoughts and prayers for a time when they’ll do some good.

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