FACT-CHECK: What Was Clinton’s Cause Of Death?

A series of websites have posted several stories about the death of Hillary Clinton Saturday morning. The sites have included causes of death ranging anywhere from accidental choking to a head-shot from an assassin’s rifle. The only thing they can agree on is that she didn’t survive.

The most credible information we have comes from Westchester, New York, where the famous surgeon Dr. James Batt, son of the inventor of the artificial spleen, Sandy Batt, was unable to get to Clinton in time to open her up and perform a little-known procedure that involves “icing the heart.”

That story, along with several follow-ups, seem to be the most credible sources with the most realistic cause of death: a heart attack.

That would be the case if there were any truth to the story at all. There isn’t. Hillary Clinton is somewhere being a grandmother and not caring what a flock of taters think about her. The entire thing can be explained by going to the site of the original story and scrolling to the bottom.

You’re welcome.

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