FACT-CHECK: Were Two Email Servers Destroyed In The Fire At The Clinton Residence?

According to Kieth Norbert, a worker for Viking Sanitation in Chappaqua, New York, two high-volume email servers were scrapped from the fire at the Clinton Compound yesterday. The official investigation, led by the very blue town of Chappaqua, lists a desktop computer and printer in their report but…no servers.

The FBI, Justice Department and Trey Gowdy’s committee to convict Clinton have all been looking for at least one server that vanished after Clinton was outed as a potential security disaster. These two servers would fit the description. During searches and investigations, Secret Service buildings are off-limits, as they play a non-partisan security role when protecting first families and presidential candidates.

If these are, in fact, missing servers vital to the Clinton investigation, the hard drives could provide answers we’ve been looking for. Unfortunately, the servers appear to be “beyond repair,” but Viking is turning them over to the proper authorities just in case.

Our contact at Quantico says that there is very little that can’t be saved from a hard drive with today’s technology.

That would probably be how the story would go if it were at all true. It isn’t. Not even a little. It’s only true if you’re dense enough to believe that Hillary Clinton, mastermind criminal, has been hiding the evidence that could convict her under a desk in a shed behind her house.

Use your head, for Christ sake. Bullhonkey.

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