FACT-CHECK: Was Michelle Obama Arrested For Domestic Violence?

A story was published in the late hours of January 1st, 2018, accusing Michelle Obama of Domestic violence. According to potatriotpost.com, the greatest name for a website of all time:

Michelle Obama was taken into custody by the DC Metro police Monday evening around 9 PM, according to a clerk inside the 9th Street booking station. Police scanner logs from the time confirm that 4 cruisers were sent to the Obama mansion after a 911 call from a “young girl,” presumably Sasha Obama.

There is no official record of an arrest yet, but preliminary reports say that Michelle Obama was “unpredictably violent” and that she was definitely taken from the home in handcuffs.

The Secret Service, forced to draw their weapons until waved off by a higher authority, foiund themselves being told to stand down by former president Obama himself, who told investigators that he “just wanted the episode to be over.”

If charges are going to be filed, it should happen within the hour. If she’s let go, the Democrats will do everything in their power to pretend this never happened.

Bring on the fact checkers!

We fact-checked the article ourselves and after extensive scrolling to the bottom of that page where it clearly states that it is satire, we rate it to be false. Because…duh.

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