FACT-CHECK: Is Trump Going To Ask For Mike Pence’s Resignation?

One thing the Trump administration has done very poorly is stopping information from leaking out of the West Wing. It seems like every day brings a new leak. Every news — and fake news — outlet has an “inside source.” Today, those inside sources all pointed to the same conclusion; Mike Pence is out.

Mike Pence has done a great job of cheerleading for Trump and his help in the election is greatly appreciated, but in the end, Pence is an “establishment Republican” along the lines of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

All of the old-school RINOs are departing. Flake, Hatch, McCain…the time for our constitutional republic to return is at hand. With Pence out of the picture, Trump will be free to appoint whoever he likes as VP and nobody would stand in his way.

We don’t need a grandpa to calm the nerves of the weak, we need a screamer like Sarah Palin or Sean Hannity to take us to the next level. We need to be done with the coddling to underachievers and make people accountable. It’s time we put the really smart people like Trump in charge of everything.

Mike Pence can go back to Indiana with a nice pension. Thanks for your service, Governor!

We rate this story to be unproven but good for America.

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