FACT-CHECK: Is The Military Going To Keep Letting Pedophiles Serve?

A trending topic on Facebook Saturday stated that the military wouldn’t be following their Commander-In-Chief’s order to stop allowing sexually confused individuals to join the armed forces. Trump was clear when he wrote executive order 19078S31, which states:

“People of the trans-gender, hyper-gender or anti-gender persuasions create a volatile situation and therefore can not be allowed to serve. Such individuals have also been known to violater biblical law with animals and federal law with children.”

That executive order was signed for a reason, and even though some generals and admirals and diplomats and politicians and decent human beings don’t like it, it’s still an order from the guy in charge.

For clarification, we called the operations director at Joint Base Andrews, Colonel Bob Weaver, who told us:

“Ummm…no. The United States Military isn’t going to allow ‘goat-humpers and kiddie-f*ckers’ to serve. That would be…stupid. And…well…stupid.”

Yet that’s exactly what these imbecilicals in the Pentagon want them to do. Never mind that what these people do is an affront to God…it’s disrespect of the highest order. He who wears a brazier to his sister’s wedding has forgotten the face of his father.

From what we’re seeing, the higher-ups want the weirdos in uniform but the people who know best might make sure they don’t make it through basic. (wink-wink)

After what we consider to be a very thorough investigation, we rate this claim absolute bullhonkey.

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