FACT-CHECK: Is Snopes On George Soros’ Payroll?

This is a question we all thought we knew the answer to. Who doesn’t believe that Snopes is nothing but a liberal lie mill with one purpose: make conservatives look bad? Liberals, for one.

Well on this one, it would appear, they may be right. There is no actual evidence linking Snopes to George Soros. Snopes, much like most of the modern-day “fact-checkers,” is nothing more than an internet clickbait factory made up of emotional stories that are supposedly “factual” written by writers working for pageviews.

In fact, from what we’ve gathered, Snopes has become so bad at “fact-checking” that they were denied access specifically to 2018 SorosBucks Inc, the Super PAC that makes sure liberal causes are fully funded. We called the media director at SorosBucks who told us:

“Snopes used to fact-check the nuances of politicians. They would pull the tiny lies from a speech that made the entire thing deceitful. They found the small mistruths and urban legends embedded in our national news and rooted it out. They performed a specific and necessary service.

Now, unfortunately, they’ve resorted to ‘fact-checking’ satire sites that openly state they are posting fiction with hyperbolic, emotional articles full of opinion. For example…just because a writer at Snopes doesn’t think something is ‘funny’ doesn’t exclude it as ‘satire.’ Especially since ‘satire’ doesn’t necessarily need to be ‘funny.’

Snopes spends its days debunking articles from websites they have personal vendettas against, often ‘fact-checking’ things that went nowhere near ‘viral.’ It’s a disgrace.”

It’s true. We’ve found that Snopes is now publishing more articles “debunking” known fiction than articles actually seeking the truth from politicians and publishers. In this era of hyperpartisan media, people trusted with giving us clarity are instead debunking troll stories with 40 shares for clicks.

We rate this claim as false. Snopes is NOT working for George Soros. Snopes has grown to be completely and utterly useless all on their own.

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