FACT-CHECK: Is President Trump Considering Appointing Roy Moore?

According to a story circulating on social media, Donald Trump is considering appointing Roy Moore to any federal position he can find that suits his skill set. The story states that Trump thinks Roy Moore is “the most talented jurist in the party.”

While it doesn’t list the exact position, it says Moore would be eligible for appointment to any federal bench up to and including the Supreme Court if one came available. Trump allegedly said that Moore deserves a federal appeals court or better, where he could “continue to do God’s work in a black robe.”

So…is it true? To know that for sure, we would have to know the name of the White House insider who leaked the story. Then we would have to verify what Donald Trump thinks and believes, which would only be speculation. Therefore, we have to say that this story is plausible.

If you continue to scroll down the page, you may find some disappointment to learn that the story also comes from a site with two disclaimers at the bottom declaring it satire and an about tab explaining why. The problem is, sometimes it’s difficult to get people to scroll past the shiny picture of patriotic pets or the flashing ad for that hemorrhoid cream they’ve been searching for since Eckerd closed down in 1997.

In that case, people may continue to believe that Trump would actually consider appointing a hand grenade to be drilled on the Senate floor. Let’s face it…unless he gets him a nice recess appointment when nobody is looking, Roy Moore is as toxic as the undigested Big Mac meat that lives in Trump’s poop shoot.

This claim is a crock. I know…I wrote it.

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