FACT-CHECK: Does Trump Stop What He’s Doing ‘Every 48 Minutes And 11 Seconds’ To Go Potty?

A report from a former White House aide says that President Trump has such an enlarged prostate that he stops to use the bathroom “every 48 minutes and 11 seconds on the nose.” When asked how the President can be seen at appearances that are longer than that, she told TMZ, “That’s when he’ll resort to Depends.”

Is there any truth to the story? This is where reporting got difficult. We can definitely say that when President Trump is on the golf course or at a State Dinner that he often comes away with saggy butt. There are also times when you can definitively note his absence every 45-50 minutes or so.

The one thing we haven’t been able to verify is a delivery of Depends to the Executive Mansion, though, for privacy and possibly even security reasons, they could be delivered by a private courier or a West Wing worker. No West Wing workers have come forward as of yet.

So that leaves the question…is the story true? Is Trump incontinent? Does he have the bladder of a 4th-grader to go along with his intellect?

Who cares. What’s important isn’t whether or not our President wears Depends but whether or not he’s as dumb as what’s in them. Unfortunately, in this case, we all lose.

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