FACT-CHECK: Did President Trump Just Make Tax Returns Obsolete?

According to the internet, Donald Trump has signed an executive order that makes tax returns obsolete for “average Americans.” The story claims that if you’re taking the standard deduction, you won’t have to fill out any forms. Just send all of your personal information to some anonymous person who holds your life in their hands.

The story, which comes from a site labeled “satire” at least twice with a 3rd disclaimer linked in the “about” tab, is a complete and total crock of manure. Not a bit of it is real. Trump isn’t some all-powerful being who can set sweeping tax reform with the swoosh of a Sharpie. He’s more like…an imbecile trying to find his pants in a dark room or a pack of wild monkeys trying to ice skate.

It’s funny and all, but nothing really gets accomplished.

Yeah, this is another one you really should have just figured was silliness. I mean…EO 201801A? To just believe a number because it sounds authentic makes you…Sean Hannity.

We rate this claim absolutely bogus bullhonkey.

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