FACT-CHECK: Did Jeff Sessions Call A Cabinet Meeting To Remove Trump?

Ladies of Liberty, one of the most reputable websites in conservative America, posted a story late last night claiming that they have a source confirming a meeting that didn’t go as planned. According to Undersecretary of Indian Casino Affairs Kristopher Blair, Jeff Sessions called a full cabinet meeting to invoke the 25th Amendment:

“He wanted a unanimous vote of no confidence from all 27 cabinet members. He didn’t get a single one. His case was that he tweets too much and tends to embellish a little here and there. He’s a proud man. He feels more pride for embellishment now than when he first embellished his pride when he got there. You can quote me on that.”

That was the story as it was presented to us. No Fake News Online has done a thorough analysis and comes to this conclusion:

If you love Donald Trump and support him no matter what, this is absolutely true because it doesn’t really matter. Jeff Sessions is a weak little elf and the brunt of the anger you’re feeling right now. Trump doesn’t particularly like him and this supports that by simple confirmation bias.

You are a true patriot and Jeff Sessions should be impeached, fired, imprisoned and possibly even hanged for treason, depending on your personal level of extremism. #MAGA!

For those of us living in the real world, nothing about this story is true. Those who believe it have never read the 25th Amendment, nor have they ever counted the actual number of cabinet members. The Undersecretary of Indian Casino Affairs may seem like a job that might exist in the Trump Administration. It does not.

Still, because of the facts appearing below the patriotic pets, you’ll probably see this coming across your timeline from your crazy Uncle Rudy. ‘Murica.

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