FACT-CHECK: Did Customs Catch Obama’s Accountant Smuggling $400M Into Mexico?

A report from the border crossing in Palo Alto, California says that Clyde Vargas, longtime friend and accountant of the Obamas, was apprehended trying to smuggle $400 million in cash. Vargas, saying he was on a “diplomatic mission” for Obama, allegedly used a loophole in customs paperwork to make the money look like $11K in an envelope.

In investigating the story, we first looked at the amount of the money Vargas was caught with. $400 million just happens to be the same amount as one of the supposed cash payments to the Iranians, as pointed out in the story. One plus one usually equals two and all things being equal, the simplest person is usually right, therefore this claim has to be true.

Based on overwhelming evidence that Barack Obama hates his country and would do anything to destroy it, we rate this claim true.

That is, of course, if you live in a complete fantasyland where emotion drives the decisions you make and Donald Trump is someone you respect. Here in the world of reality, the whole thing is a giant load of crap inserted into your lives to make fools of you.

Clyde Vargas is the amazing and catlike character from a 1980’s movie called High School USA. Michael J before the Parkinsons. You should check it out. Palo Alto is just South of San Fransisco, a long cry from any border. Also, we used a picture of a random Mexican being arrested just to further incite your hate as you settle in for another night of Banquet TV dinners on the tray of your Hoverround and some good ol’ Fox News to stimulate your rage even further.

No…after careful consideration, we’ve decided this one may not be true after all.

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