BREAKING: Liberal Rag Snopes Hacked By Russians And It Is Hilarious

As professional fact-checkers, there’s nothing we hate more than our facts being checked with a liberal bias. Liberals think because the truth sometimes leans towards lazy people, they get to be right all the time. That’s why we never recommend to our conservative friends that they take anything written by Snopes seriously. They are as hyperpartisan as it comes, writing hyperbolic, emotional stories filled with liberal bias.

It seems that conservatives and real fact-checkers aren’t the only people who are disgusted by the lack of truth reported by one of Facebook’s “trusted” researchers. Rumor has it they were responsible for the death of Freedom Daily, a proponent of backstream media truth that told real stories about why we should all hate Muslims and Mexicans.

This morning, one of the enemies of Snopes, the Russians, who have been vilified by the site for nothing as they pushed the false narrative of Trump’s alleged “collusion,” fought back. First, they took over the website, leaving the homepage seen above. The Russian lettering translates loosely to “Go F*ck Yourselves.”

On top of that, the Snopes Main Page is now off-line. It would appear that the hacks at Snopes have been hacked. Maybe they can all take a little break and…oh, I don’t know…learn how to write and tell the truth. The whole truth.

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